30 Series Edge Conveyor Pizza Oven

  • AFFORDABLE: EDGE 30 ovens are affordably priced with an initial acquisition cost not much higher than a good quality reconditioned oven.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: EDGE 30 ovens use a modulating burner that modulates both gas and combustion air. This system allows for the lowest overall operating costs of any conveyor oven in its class.
  • LOW OPERATING COSTS: Overall operating costs of the EDGE 30 oven is about 35 cents per hour based on an oven temperature of 475 deg F, electricity costs at 10 cents per kwh, and natural gas costs at $1.30 per Ccf.
  • REMOVABLE CONTROL CABINET: EDGE 30 control cabinet houses all the electrical and gas components except for the main motor. The control cabinet can be unbolted and returned to the factory for service or upgrades. An additional control can may be used as a spare to eliminate any costly down time.
  • CONSTRUCTION: EDGE 30 ovens are manufactured to exacting tolerances and use stainless steel inside and out.
  • VENTILATION: EDGE 30 ovens must be used under a ventilation hood only. Hood system must conform to all local and applicable codes.
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EDGE 30 Conveyor ovens are designed to be stacked up to three high. Each oven has a 18” wide conveyor belt and a 30” long baking chamber. These ovens can usually be installed under a standard 48” make line hood.

GAS TYPE: Natural or Propane
VOLTS/FREQ: 120/60Hz
AMPS: 5.5